About us

Joint Material Support International, (JMSI), LLC was founded in 2009 by Mr. James Singleton as a Procurement, Logistics and Contracting (PLC) Company supporting governmental and commercial businesses in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Our services include logistical/life support for the U.S. Military, DOD, Prime Contractors and Subcontractors.

We specialize in procurement services, sourcing material, warehousing, contracting and a variety of other specialties. We have an array of different avenues to acquire the right material to meet the exact specification of products needed to get the job done as requested by our customers. Our values, integrity and reputation have allowed JMSI to gain esteem in the fast paced commercial and industrial business sector.

We are headquartered in Kuwait with our service range reaching throughout Asia, The Middle East, Africa and North America. JMSI has a multi-cultural staff chosen using the highest of standards, based upon education, work experience and past performances.

JMSI has over 30+ years combined experience in PLC business segments locally and internationally. The individual and collective efforts of our experienced team-members enables us to provide a thorough, cost-saving and total business solution in a timely manner.

JMSI experienced team has the capability to Manage, Execute, Track and Expedite Orders with on time Delivery to our clients. Ultimately, we transform our experience and capability to best serve and support our customers.